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How Morey Creative Studios Helped Transform a Local Credit Card Processing Company Into a National Merchant Services Provider

Website Design
Lead Generation
Content Creation
Collateral & Graphic Design

The extraordinary partnership between Morey Creative Studios and MerchantPro Express (MPX) was forged nearly six years ago, when Team Morey began assisting the merchant processing agency with its inbound digital marketing efforts.

The relationship has since been characterized by increased organic web traffic, more customers, new employees, and significant growth.


Headquartered in Woodbury, NY, MPX began as a local credit card processing company helping businesses accept and process card payments—debit, credit, gift, and electronic benefit transfer (EBT) transactions, among these.

The organization is comprised of an innovative and knowledgeable team of sales agents dedicated to helping their clients save money and expand. Through this consultative sales approach, MPX treats every client and agent as partners, and remains fully invested in their success.

Due to MPX’s expertise, enthusiasm, and professional relationship with global commerce technology and solutions company First Data, it had the potential to become a leading merchant services provider—not just in New York, but across the United States.

However, to reach its full potential, MPX needed to shift its focus to digital marketing, which is where Morey Creative Studios comes in.

Joe Doyle, a partner at MPX, explains: “Morey Creative worked with us to design a vision for our brand, and implemented an action plan that exceeded our expectations.”

There are two images present. The left depicts a brunette woman with glasses in a blue button-down shirt giving her credit card to a cashier with a credit card reader. On the right, two cashiers in gray aprons stand smiling.


The Morey Creative Studios Strategy

MPX sought to find new clients and hire more sales agents for its team—whether businesses seeking new merchant services sales opportunities, or individuals interested in starting new careers in sales with part-time positions that enabled them to work remotely.

With these goals in mind, Morey Creative Studios utilized its HubSpot and inbound marketing skills to:

  • Identify Personas
  • Conduct Keyword Research
  • Create a Content Strategy
  • Write Helpful & Comprehensive Industry-Related Blog Posts
  • Optimize Content via Social Media
  • Develop Downloadable Content in the Form of Case Studies & White Papers
  • Create Beautifully Designed Landing Pages & Calls to Action
  • Design Marketing Collateral for Agents to Use Offline (Flyers, One-Page PDFs, etc.)

Extraordinary Results

MPX is thrilled with the extraordinary efforts of Morey Creative Studios, and credits much of its success to the Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency’s inbound marketing strategies and initiatives.

“Morey Creative Studios has completely transformed our online presence,” praises MPX Chief Operating Officer Sean O’Neil. “Before engaging them nearly four years ago, we had practically no internet traffic and rarely appeared in search engine searches. Presently, we appear on the first page of nearly every relevant search in our industry, have thousands of unique visitors every month, and receive several prospective sales agent and customer inquiries daily.”

“Morey Creative Studios has increased my business unit’s production by generating exceptional, customized sales collateral,” echoes Doyle. “I can say with 100-percent certainty that choosing Morey Creative as our business partner has taken our entire company to the next level in the marketplace.”

Since beginning this journey in the summer of 2015, MPX has hired more sales agents, not only on Long Island, but in other parts of the country—enabling them to expand and open other offices nationwide. Consequently, they now reach more merchants, and help them save money on credit card processing services.


Through 2019, MPX, on average:


New contacts gained per month—19.56 of which were organic


Visits to the website per month


Blog views per month

We are expecting even greater numbers through the remainder of 2019 and into 2020.


Jump in website traffic as a result of email marketing efforts. In August 2015, there were 17 sessions due to email marketing. In July 2018, there were 321 sessions.


Website visits via MPX’s social media pages


Increase in website traffic from referrals. There were just 15 referrals to the site in August 2015. There were 282 referrals in October 2019.


Contacts obtained from direct website visits alone

There are 257 keyword/keyword phrases in SEO optimization platform SEMrush that MPX is currently ranking in the Top 10 for on Google in the United States—36 of which are in the Number-One Spot!

The following charts and data demonstrate just how successful the MPX-Morey Creative Studios partnership has been:

 Graph of green organic traffic growing from Aug. 2015 through July 2018.

Organic traffic increased significantly. In August 2015, there were 236 visits via organic search. In October 2019, there were 4,950 visits. That’s an astounding 1,997% climb.

In total, MPX has experienced 130,504 organic visits in just four years.


Graph of direct traffic, which is depicted as a light blue. The traffic generally shows increase from Aug. 2015 through July 2018.

Direct traffic continues to reach new heights as well. In October 2019, MPX attracted 1,971 direct visits, up from just 466 in August 2015—a 322% increase.

In total, there have been 78,788 direct visits to MPX’s website from August 2015 to October 2019.


Only Good Things to Come

Our partnership with MPX has achieved great success since its inception, and we are committed to continuing our efforts, and even more triumphs in the future.

Furthermore, both teams value this truly remarkable relationship.

“Morey Creative Studios is a true business partner,” declares Doyle. “They care about our success and are always willing to go the extra mile.”

“When we have a business development or marketing idea, we routinely bring in Morey Creative to help us flesh out and develop a plan forward,” agrees O’Neil.