Our Team

Everyone at Morey is kindhearted, spirited and dedicated. We love one another, we love what we do, and we love to learn.

Morey Creative Studios is a Diamond HubSpot Partner agency with offices in NY and Philadelphia.

View the profiles below to find out more about our talented team of content developers, designers, multimedia personnel and account executives.

HubSpot Academy Logos 28 HubSpot Academy Certifications
Rebecca Albright, Senior Inbound Content Developer
Jamie Castagna, Controller
Jon Chim, Design Director
Christina Claus, Senior Inbound Content Developer
Michael Conforti, Producer and Engineer
Beverly Fortune, Marketing Consultant
Dillon Friday, Account Director
Grace Fulco, Account Director
Jeffrey Howard, Senior Inbound Content Developer
Regina Jankowski, Senior Inbound Content Developer
Bryan Koegel, Chief Growth Officer
Meredith Kreisa , Senior Inbound Content Developer
Sage Levene, Director of Social Impact
Jeff Main, Design Director
Rashed Mian, Managing Editor
Yelena Mirsakova, Web Designer
Jed Morey, Founder & CEO
Steve Mosco, Managing Inbound Content Developer
John Patti, Web Designer
Jamie Lynn Ryan, Account Director
Jon Sasala, President
Philip Stott, Director of Strategy
Jake Stringfellow, Senior Web Designer
Daine Taylor, Inbound Content Developer
Chris Twarowski, Executive Editor In Chief
Joseph Whearty, Account Director
Mitchell York, Professional EOS Implementer
Tandia , Chief Executive Pawfficer

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Morey Creative Studios is a great place looking for great people. We’re always searching for new talent.