What is Sales Enablement?

Empowering sales teams of today for tomorrow.

Buyers have changed, and you’ve already shifted your marketing to help capture their attention. But have you changed your sales process to capture their business?

Sales Enablement allows sales teams to shift gears, focusing on closing prospective buyers through guidance rather than selling.

“Sales enablement is the technology, processes, and content that empowers sales teams to sell more efficiently at a higher velocity.”
– HubSpot
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Guiding buyers down the sales funnel.

Buyers don’t want to be sold to anymore. Rather than focusing on those old-school and less effective techniques of yesterday, implementing sales enablement will empower your teams to sell more effectively while nurturing qualified leads from the moment they first meet you to the moment you can call them your customer.

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As a growth agency, our primary objective is growing your business.

We do this by crafting and improving your online presence, producing incredible content and generating quality inbound leads, but it doesn’t stop there. Sales Enablement is a critical complement to our Inbound Marketing services, ensuring the leads we have fought so hard to capture get the attention they deserve and grow the bottom line.

Our Sales Enablement Services include:

  • CRM implementation 
  • Sales content creation
  • Sales funnel analysis
  • Sales process redesign
  • Sales email template & automated workflow creation
  • Account-based marketing program creation, when applicable

What these services entail



CRM Implementation

  • Define deal stages, custom fields 
  • Initial CRM Data Migration 
  • Lead Routing and Ongoing Audits 
  • Build Custom Views for Reps 
  • Build Custom Reports for Managers 
  • CRM Data Ongoing Cleanup 



Sales & Marketing Alignment 

  • Buyer profiles 
  • Buyer personas 
  • Define MQLs/ SQLs 
  • Define Lead Stages 
  • SLA and Reporting
  • Develop supporting content plan 
  • Establish a feedback mechanism 



Sales Enablement

  • Email template creation and optimization 
  • Sequence creation and optimization 
  • Sales document library 
  • Case study creation 
  • Prospecting automation with Meetings Links 
  • Implement Messages App



Sales Platform Coaching

  • Inbound Sales Training 
  • Analytics Analysis and Adjustments
  • Closed Loop Reporting
  • Ongoing Support


Free CRM: Organize, track & nurture your leads

  • Manage your pipeline with total visibility
  • Automatically log sales activity
  • See everything about a lead in one place


Sales Hub Software: All-in-one sales software your team will love

  • Automate personal outreach
  • Create and share email templates
  • Track your entire pipeline