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How Morey Creative Studios Breathed New Life Into Hyperbaric Medical Solutions’ Website, Attracting More Visitors & Patients

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Morey Creative Studios (MCS) began working with Hyperbaric Medical Solutions (HMS) in mid-2016. HMS is an innovative medical practice specializing in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Having constructed an extraordinary facility, HMS leadership began examining innovative ways in which to bring its message to market, and ultimately decided to pursue a digital marketing strategy. MCS was brought in to reconstruct the HMS website and craft a long-term inbound marketing campaign designed to educate both patients and practitioners in the New York region regarding the benefits of HBOT.

As a direct result of its partnership with Morey Creative Studios, Hyperbaric Medical Solutions now boasts a highly visible and optimally functioning site, complete with a high-performing blog environment, which has attracted a growing number of visitors and patient inquiries each and every month.

Below, we highlight some of the impressive statistics.  



HMS is the only HBOT provider in the New York metropolitan area contracted with insurance companies, and first opened its doors in Medford, NY in 2011. Since then, the independent practice has expanded its services to locations in Woodbury, Lake Success, and Manhattan in New York, Fort Lauderdale in Florida, and Randolph in Massachusetts.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is all-natural, non-invasive, and can be utilized as a sole or complementary treatment to help patients suffering from a wide range of health disorders and conditions. Among these: diabetic lower extremity wounds, failed skin grafts and flaps, radiation tissue damage, and concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Patients sit or lie within a hyperbaric chamber, where they are exposed to pure, highly pressurized oxygen. This helps to promote angiogenesis, or blood vessel creation, and repair damaged body tissue, among numerous other benefits.

Comprised of an experienced team of highly trained specialists, the staff at HMS remains dedicated to restoring all patients to optimal health. However, due to a minimal online presence and substandard website, spreading the word about its services—and the many benefits of HBOT in general—proved to be difficult.

These are the primary reasons why Hyperbaric Medical Solutions enlisted the help of Morey Creative Studios.

Two images are present. The left shows a doctor speaking to a patient in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber through a black corded phone. The patient wears an oxygen mask inside a clear tube. In the right image, there is a close-up of a patient intake form.


The Morey Creative Studios Plan

After consulting with HMS and learning more about its services and expectations, Team Morey mapped out a strategic overview and action plan, which included the following:

  • Redesigning the Website
  • Identifying Personas
  • Creating a New Blog Environment
  • Conducting Keyword Research
  • Developing Cluster & Content Plans
  • Writing & Publishing Educational Blog Posts
  • Producing Downloadable Content Such as Ebooks
  • Optimizing Published Content Through Social Media
  • Designing Landing Pages & Calls to Action

The Results

Since partnering with Morey Creative Studios, Hyperbaric Medical Solutions has attracted exponentially more online visitors, experienced significant improvements with its web presence, and witnessed tremendous growth within its organization.

Since launching the new website in October 2016, HMS has seen a substantial increase in the number of patient inquiries regarding HBOT as a possible treatment for their health conditions. Due to its greater exposure online, HMS has also been able to inform more people about this all-natural therapy, educating some who had never even heard of it before.

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It

“From day one, they have driven our marketing productivity by being exceptionally collaborative and taking a genuine and active interest in our growth and success,” praises Gordon Kissam, partner at management services organization, Hyperbaric Associates of America, which works closely with HMS.

“Each part of the team works seamlessly with us through fantastic and timely communication and superb design work to become an integrated partner—truly an extension of who we are and what we’re looking to represent,” he continues.

The HMS organic growth graph shows steady traffic growth with a several month spike, then a decrease back to stable traffic.

Organic Web Traffic

Beginning at the ground level with precisely one organic visit in October 2016, HMS has since surged to an average of 2,000 organic site visits per month. This relatively steady growth was interrupted briefly by an unnatural 'bump' in traffic at the start of 2018, due to Google erroneously serving the website in search results for the generic term "oxygen." Once this mistake was recognized and rectified by search engines, it became the mission of the team at Morey Creative Studios to ensure that our hard-fought SEO wins remained intact by doubling down on producing optimized content and generating legitimate site traffic. By the autumn of 2018, these efforts began to pay noticeable dividends, as organic traffic began to first level off, then slowly climb. 

The HMS direct traffic graph shows a general pattern toward growth.

Direct Web Traffic

Direct web traffic underwent a similar journey, from its 2016 origination through the present day, with slightly less dramatic deviation due to the so-called "oxygen bump" of early 2018. Currently hovering just over 1,000 visits per month—together, with organic and paid search—these figures comprise the majority of sessions on the HMS site. Noticeable spikes can be seen each time new blog content is produced, coupled with social promotion and email distribution of these posts, repeatedly proving the effectiveness of publishing optimized inbound marketing content. 

A Bright Future Ahead

While Morey Creative Studios and Hyperbaric Medical Solutions are tremendously happy with these impressive results, our teams remain extremely excited about the future—with plans to continue to modify these efforts going forward, for even better outcomes.

The goal is for organic and direct site traffic to continue its steady incline, subsequently attracting more contacts and customers, thereby enabling this extraordinary practice to educate, help and heal even more patients.

“The team at Morey Creative Studios has been an incredible value-add to our company,” raves Kissam of Hyperbaric Associates of America. “We are extremely pleased with our progress and are excited to fulfill our roadmap together.”