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News Beat is a multi-award-winning social justice podcast melding hard-hitting journalism and indie hip-hop to spark meaningful change.

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News Beat. A social justice podcast

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News Beat combines all the facets of Morey Creative Studios—content production, inbound marketing and alternative news perspective—and embodies our ideals and our strengths as a company: collaboration, storytelling, alternative news, history and education. Subscribe & Leave a Review

Production Credits

'News Beat' is a Morey Creative Studios production.

Producer + Host: Michael "Manny Faces" Conforti
Editor In Chief: Christopher Twarowski
Managing Editor: Rashed Mian
Executive Producer: Jed Morey
Art Director: Jeff Main
Artist in Residence: Silent Knight
Artist in Residence: LiKWUiD

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Mentally Ill & Incarcerated: America’s 19th Century Response to Treatment
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