Packaging Success: Oliver Inc. Uses HubSpot Marketing Hub to Bolster Its Position as a Leader in Sustainability

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Oliver Inc. is a secondary packaging and printing company with manufacturing operations in Ohio, Virginia, and New York. It specializes in producing high-quality folding cartons, marketing collateral, and labels, and is known for its white-glove, turnkey service across a variety of industries.

Oliver has invested significantly in eco-friendly practices to address sustainability. The company has earned chain-of-custody certifications (from the FSC, SFI, and PEFC) by sourcing paper products from responsibly managed forests. It offers vegetable-oil-based inks, water-based coatings, and alternative board options such as sugarcane, post-consumer recycled paperboard, and hemp-based substrates. Oliver is also an EPA Green Power Partner and has implemented a lean operations approach that reduces its overall waste to near zero.

Customers and vendors that work with Oliver recognize that the brand values, supports, and delivers sustainable packaging solutions.

The Challenge

In 2020, Oliver tasked Morey Creative Studios with launching a new website and brand identity after it had merged three historic companies under one name. It wanted to make sure its sustainability message was clear to both potential customers and existing clients.

The brand was there. The expertise was there. The resources were there.

The missing piece was a coordinated online presence leveraging email marketing, social media, and SEO-driven content to position Oliver as a leader in sustainable packaging.

Hear from Doug Doroh, VP, Sales & Marketing at Oliver Inc.:

Prior to transitioning to HubSpot, an organized campaign centered around the firm’s new brand identity would’ve been prohibitively difficult, as Oliver previously spread its digital marketing efforts across different platforms.

Now, they would leverage HubSpot’s full suite of marketing tools—email, landing pages, blogs, social media, and forms—to implement a cohesive and aggressive inbound strategy.

The Solution

Sustainability has taken on greater importance with each passing year, and more competitors are emphasizing this approach.

As producers of creative printing and packaging solutions, Oliver had no time to waste after launching its new website in October 2020 to assert itself as a leading authority on sustainable packaging.

Morey and Oliver developed a social media campaign and content plan targeting sustainability-related keywords, all of which was built around its inaugural event: “The Sustainability Imperative: Folding Carton Packaging for a Greener Future” in February 2021, an hour-long webinar. Morey relied on the principles of the inbound flywheel and leveraged HubSpot’s full suite of marketing tools to make this critical event a success.

  • Crafted marketing emails to announce the webinar and followed up with reminders to register.
  • Produced blogs related to the topics that would be discussed in the webinar as part of the greater content plan.
  • Shared information on the webinar on Oliver’s social media channels, a task made easy with HubSpot’s social media tool.

 Oliver Inc. marketing email promoting sustainability webinar

Marketing email announcing the sustainability webinar. View the full email here.

  • Designed a landing page with clear information on how to register, along with an option for interested attendees who weren’t available on the webinar date to request a recording.
  • Followed up via email with registrants with clear instructions on how to attend.

 Oliver Inc. Sustainability Landing Page

Landing page for the sustainability webinar. View the landing page here.


  • Doug Doroh, VP of Sales and Marketing at Oliver, gave an educational and engaging presentation with featured guest speaker RJ Bianculli, Managing Director for Emerald Brand.
  • Provided access to the webinar materials including the slide deck and recording to attendees.
  • Created a landing page for all website visitors to request resources from the webinar, so they too could learn about sustainability in the packaging industry.

 Oliver Inc. Sustainability Email Screenshot

Social post promoting the webinar recording. View the post here.

The Results

“The Sustainability Imperative” and the associated marketing campaign has been a rousing success.


An average of 33% of recipients opened the promotional email. The corresponding landing page saw visitors register at a 40% clip.

And of the 175 contacts who submitted to attend the webinar or request recordings, 49 downloaded the supplementary resources made available during the follow-up campaign.

The numbers reflect Oliver’s growth in general. With an effective strategy made easy by HubSpot’s simplified social tool, the company drove more than 170 visitors to its website through organic social in February 2021, up 207% from October 2020.

Organic Search 9/20–3/21

 Oliver - Organic Traffic Sep 2020 - March 2021

Organic Session Length 9/20–3/21

Oliver - Organic Average Session Length Sep 2020 - March 2021

Organic Social 9/20–3/21Oliver - Organic Social Traffic Sep 2020 - March 2021

Blog Views 9/20–3/21Oliver - Total Blog Views Sep 2020 - March 2021

Organic Contacts 9/20–3/21

 Oliver - Organic Contacts Created Sep 2020 - March 2021

In addition, Morey has published 19 sustainability-related blog posts. Together, they’ve amassed more than 2,000 views and have improved Oliver’s wider SEO posture, securing the top three organic positions for 23 non-branded keywords, up from just seven in September.

Finally, 267 new contacts have converted on the site since its launch.

In the months since launching, we've received hundreds of leads into the system that have turned into estimates and live jobs. [HubSpot] is turning out to be a great lead gen solution for us.
-Doug Doroh, VP, Sales & Marketing at Oliver Inc.

The Impact

In hosting a successful webinar and prioritizing sustainability across its use of HubSpot tools, Oliver sends a clear message to potential clients that it’s a brand that not only genuinely cares about its place in the environment, but is a top voice in the field.

The cohesive strategy has built on the company’s sterling reputation as a leading provider of creative and sustainable packaging solutions.

It’s not just customers who are taking notice. Soon after the webinar, Oliver and Emerald announced a partnership to expand their Tree-Free™ packaging options.

Oliver’s distinct green brand is more than a color. It’s also a sign of the company’s commitment to sustainability. And thanks to HubSpot’s marketing tools, Oliver is more prepared than ever to share that commitment with the world.

At Oliver, we’ve always embraced our environmental stewardship and social responsibilities. It’s about doing what’s right and fulfilling our company’s purpose to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees, customers, and communities.
-Dan Rodenbush, President & CEO at Oliver Inc.