[Podcast] 'Inbound & Down' S06 E1–7: HubSpot Miniseries

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published April 08, 2020

Inbound & Down Season 6 Episodes 1-7 HubSpot Miniseries

Dear HubSpot,

This is a love letter to you. 

Yes, a love letter. I love you HubSpot.

I think about you all the time. I see the orange that graces your logo everywhere I look. (I even know that particular shade is called "Lorax.") I have “joked” on numerous occasions about getting a sprocket tattoo—and naturally, it would be inside a Stealie, a la Halligan.

Okay, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this letter schtick. When we were given the opportunity to visit HubSpot HQ in Cambridge to record a series of podcasts, I was ecstatic. For me, it was like making a pilgrimage to Disney World. We had a packed day of interviews that went off without a hitch. I then realized the potential power of these episodesan entire podcast season devoted to HubSpot.

In the months since our trip, we've been busy producing episodes based on those in-person interviews and others recorded remotely. Every HubSpotter we spoke to was incredibly gracious with their time and expertise. Listening to them as they shared their respective disciplines filled us with immense pride—the type of pride you feel when a close friend nails a presentation or earns a promotion. Because that’s the type of environment and energy HubSpot fosters. The relationship between colleagues genuinely feels more like a friendship, and their accomplishments feel like extensions of our own. Indeed, when they succeed, we succeed.

We’re excited to finally share these thought-provoking conversations with you. Below are links to each episode, a brief description and information about the guest, and any sources we discussed in the show. Thank you to every HubSpotter who participated. Thank you to our Channel Consultant, Guillaume Delloue, and our Channel Account Manager, Sophie Salzman, for helping organize the interviews. Thank you to Irina Rosenbilt, Director, Partner Success, who served as our on-site guide at HubSpot. And a final enormous thank you to Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah for creating such a wonderful product and an amazing culture.


Season 6 Episode 1

HubSpot Academy's Guiding Principles ft. Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn and Jon Sasala at HubSpot HQOur featured guest—Kevin Dunn, manager of HubSpot Academy Education—is a returning guest; you'll remember him from S05 E14: HubSpot Academy's Curated Learning Paths. At the tail end of that episode, we touched on HubSpot Academy's Guiding Principles, which were going through a refresh. The principles piqued our interest, as we have our own Culture Code that we live and work by. 

We caught up with Dunn after the new principles were unveiled, and he walked us through the updates and explored each principle in detail. The new principles are as follows:

  1. Execute with excellence.
  2. Educate with passion.
  3. Create equitable experiences.
  4. Foster meaningful collaboration.
  5. Put the user first.
  6. Never settle.
  7. Always be learning.
  8. Authenticity.

Along with his HubSpot Academy position, Dunn is the host of the vlog/podcast, Agency Unfiltered, where he interviews HubSpot Solution Partners about their experiences and expertise, to encourage partners to learn from one another. You can find Agency Unfiltered on Spotify or its website.

As for Dunn, you can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Season 6 Episode 2

The HubSpot Solutions Partner Ecosystem ft. Katie Ng-Mak

Jon Sasala, Katie Ng-Mak and Jed Morey at HubSpot HQKatie Ng-Mak, vice president of the Solutions Partner Program, plays an integral role in driving Morey Creative Studio's success, since we're a Diamond Solutions Partner. She understands the weight of the partnership, not just from HubSpot's perspective, but from each individual business as well.

On this episode, we have a very fruitful discussion about what it means to be a Solutions Partner (and why every agency should strive to become one), the power of the partner community and the program's rebrand away from "Agency Partner Program."

Ng-Mak also provides fun details about her plans for the partner experience at INBOUND '20.

You can find Katie Ng-Mak on LinkedIn.

Additional links:


Season 6 Episode 3

Diversity, Inclusion + Belonging at HubSpot ft. Katelyn Craine and Melissa Obleada

Melissa Obleada and Katelyn Craine at HubSpot HQA strong and genuine culture is one of HubSpot's true differentiators. They work diligently to build and facilitate that culture, and it shows. The company was recently voted Best Place to Work in 2020 by the business review site Glassdoor. Why is their culture so strong? They work to make the HubSpot culture intrinsically diverse and inclusive so as to foster a sense of belonging among everyone.

Melissa Obleada and Katelyn Craine, who both serve as Diversity & Inclusion Program mangers, join us to talk about the history of Diversity & Inclusion, or D&I, at HubSpot, the tangible benefits of prioritizing D&I and offer tips on developing such a strategy at your company.

You can find Melissa Obleada on Twitter and LinkedIn.
You can find Katelyn Craine on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Season 6 Episode 4

HubSpot's Evolution: From Software to Platform ft. Nancy Riley and Andy Pitre


Jon Sasala, Nancy Riley, Andy Pitre and Jed Morey at HubSpot HQThis episode goes out to all the software as a service (SaaS) evangelists of the world. While we do specifically focus on HubSpot, superfans of any SaaS will enjoy the inside look into the processes and evolution of HubSpot.

Nancy Riley, vice president of the Ecosystem Product Group and Andy Pitre, vice president of Product-Customer Data, join us to discuss HubSpot's most successful product, their favorite features, and what they're most excited to see evolve in the future.

You can find Nancy Riley on LinkedIn.
You can find Andy Pitre on LinkedIn.

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Season 6 Episode 5

The Importance of HubSpot Direct Reps ft. Caitlin Rose and David Bernstein


As Solutions Partners, there are several HubSpotters that we don't get to interact with very often, direct reps being one. HubSpot direct reps are the salespeople for HubSpot, and they sell to businesses leveraging HubSpot that don't need/want an agency. There are instances of overlap between the Solutions Partner and the direct rep, and we've always been curious as to what that entails, and how as a Solutions Partner, we can better utilize direct reps. After all, we're all playing on the same team.

Caitlin Rose, Small Business direct rep, and David Bernstein, Mid-market direct rep, join us to provide a look into the role of the direct rep—from their training, sales processes, dialogue with customers and how that all fits into their relationships with Solutions Partners.

You can find Caitlin Rose on LinkedIn, and her celebrity dog Wyatt on Instagram.
You can find David Bernstein on LinkedIn.


Season 6 Episode 6

HubSpot Sales ft. Dan Tyre and Sophie Salzman


We were lucky enough to be joined by two HubSpot heavyweights—Dan Tyre, director of Sales (and one of HubSpot's earliest hires), and Sophie Salzman, Principal Channel Account Manager (and Channel Account Manager of the year).

Salzman and Tyre are very near and dear to our hearts, as Salzman is our Channel Account Manager, or CAM, and Tyre is currently working with our Chief Growth Officer Bryan Koegel in a number of HubSpot boot camps.

The two provide background on CAMs, sales at HubSpot and detail the training resources they make available for salespeople (HubSpot specific and beyond) like training boot camps, blogs and literature.

You can find Dan Tyre on LinkedIn, Twitter, his website and through email.
You can find Sophie Salzman on LinkedIn and through email.

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Season 6 Episode 7

HubSpot User Groups ft. Juliana Nicholson


HubSpot User Groups, or HUGs, are meetups led by HubSpot Solutions Partners that strive to educate the local community of HubSpot users. We are fortunate enough to lead the NYCHUG, and as such get to work with our guest on a frequent basis.

Juliana Nicholson is the senior program manager of HubSpot User Groups, and she is incredible at her job. She's made great updates to the program over the years, and is available to HUG leaders for support. Nicholson takes us through the history of the HUG, how they function, and what makes the best HUG.

You can find Juliana Nicholson on Twitter, LinkedIn and through email.

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Grow For Good: Culture with Brian Halligan


Jed Morey, Jon Sasala and Brian Halligan at HubSpot HQAs part of our HubSpot field trip, we were lucky enough to be able to interview HubSpot CEO + Co-Founder Brian Halligan for Morey Creative Studios' new podcast, Grow For Good™. 

Hosted by our CEO + Founder Jed Morey, Grow For Good™ introduces listeners to business leaders who have grown their companies by doing good things. Listen to the trailer here.

As a bonus, we're releasing the first episode of Grow For Good™ with the HubSpot miniseries. Please subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts to be notified when future episodes drop.

You can find Brian Halligan on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. Season 7 of Inbound & Down is right around the corner, and we have a bunch of great guests lined up. You may even see a few more HubSpotters in the mix. 

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