Introducing the 'Inbound & Down' Question of the Day [A New Video Initiative]

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published August 12, 2019

Introducing the Inbound & Down Question of the Day [A New Video Initiative]

The 'Inbound & Down' Question of the Day, named after our agency podcast, is a daily email containing a multiple-choice question on topics such as Inbound, SEO, design, agency life, and more. Subscribe, and start testing your industry knowledge.

So you've heard by now, right?

Oh, you haven't? This is awkward—for you, not us.

Okay, sit down, relax. We'll fill you in.

QotD Email Example At the beginning of August we launched a new program called the 'Inbound & Down' Question of the Day (QotD), a daily multiple-choice question, but with a little more spice.

If When you subscribe, you'll receive a multiple-choice question in your inbox every morning (that look like this ➡), covering a wide range of topics, including the inbound methodology, SEO, design, agency life, HubSpot, and more. 

So far, we've answered:


Each question is accompanied by a brief video and blog. The videos—starring two lovely members of the Morey Creative team—answer the question in a light, conversational way (and include the occasional bantering or burst of the giggz). The blogs provide a more in-depth explanation of the question, including sources, related posts, and episodes of our in-house podcast, 'Inbound & Down.'

Our ultimate goal here is to provide a fun, non-intimidating way to learn more about the industry and keep yourself sharp, because we understand.

We understand that not everyone has time for exhaustive enlightening every day, that work and personal lives get in the way. We understand, and relate so well, that a major tenet of our culture code is balance.

That's why we created the Question of the Day. 

We're very proud of this project, and look forward to its evolution. We hope you enjoy it, too. Please reach out at with any topics you'd be interested in seeing covered, and subscribe today. Your feedback is appreciated.

If this whole blog post didn't sell you, perhaps this blooper reel will.


See you tomorrow 👋.

Subscribe to the 'Inbound & Down' Question of the day, and subscribe to 'Inbound & Down' on your preferred podcast app.

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