Growing Your Business With HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Software

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HubSpot's inbound marketing software Marketing Hub enables you to efficiently launch marketing campaigns, grow your traffic, and convert and track leads—all within the same platform.

Whether you're a small to medium-sized business or a large enterprise client, HubSpot's wide range of tools and capabilities promises significant impact.

Why Marketing Hub?

Build Pages Without the Need to Code

With HubSpot, you can create content using the intuitive drag and drop builder. Whether you’re publishing blogs, landing pages or emails, your content will be responsive out of the box. There are hundreds of custom templates in the marketplace you can modify and update with ease.

Plan Your Content

Utilize the SEO tool within HubSpot to optimize your content and develop a strategy that drives traffic to your pages. Create campaigns and define your goals to see how your website performs.

Convert Visitors to Leads

Build landing pages, forms, create customized calls-to-action (CTAs), and run A/B tests to increase conversion rates. Engage with your visitors with HubSpot's free, live chat!

Turn Your Leads Into Customers

Utilize workflows and HubSpot's drag and drop email builder to send personalized emails to leads.

Track Your Customers

You can easily track what your customers are doing in the HubSpot CRM, and close the loop on leads to provide detailed reports for your clients.

Organize Your Team

Align your teams via the appropriate access to marketing tools, improving efficiencies.

You can use the HubSpot marketing software without a developer, but if you do happen to have one, the platform is so robust and easy to use, they can build custom features and modules for the marketing team to implement and use.

Getting Started With Marketing Hub

Attract Visitors

Attract more targeted traffic to your website pages. Use HubSpot's content strategy tool to create content around key topics your customers are searching for. Combining SEO, blogging, social media and ads tools helps drive users to your content and distribute it across different channels.

Convert Leads

With a library of responsive templates provided by the HubSpot marketplace, build landing pages with ease to convert your visitors into leads. Optimize your landing pages with forms, CTAs, and videos to engage your visitors. You can also use smart modules to deliver custom content to your leads.

Close Deals

Live chat connect with users in real-time so you can direct them to the right people on your marketing team. HubSpot's robust workflow tool enables you to schedule and customize emails any way you wish. Connect HubSpot Marketing Software and CRM to easily track your leads, and create smart lists to deliver personalized content.

Delight Customers

Turn your customers into supporters so they can help you deliver value. With marketing automation and tools to monitor social media, keep an eye out on what your customers are saying.

Marketing Hub Features

Marketing Hub is truly an all-in-one inbound marketing software for your team. Create blog content, landing pages, emails, workflows, and more to convert your leads into customers and track their journey throughout the sales funnel—all in the same platform!


Create and publish specific content for your users, with ease. HubSpot's blogging tool facilitates stress-free formatting, and optimizes your content for search engines. The optimization tool shares multiple tips on where you can improve, such as title length, meta description, links, image tags, and more. Unlike WordPress, where you must download an SEO plugin, HubSpot has it all built within the blog, so you create, optimize and publish all in the same spot.

Screenshot of HubSpot's Blog Optimization ToolBlog Optimization Tool

Landing Pages

Create responsive landing pages using the drag and drop builder. Add modules such as forms, images, and more. Serve smart content and build forms on your landing page to drive more qualified lead conversions.

Screenshot of a HubSpot Landing Page

Landing Page


If you've used Mailchimp, ConstantContact, or a similar email-sending software, then HubSpot's email tool will be a breeze. Create awesome responsive emails with the drag and drop builder—your own or via default templates. Personalize subject lines, email content, and even run A/B tests. Similar to other HubSpot tools, receive tips on optimizing emails, from draft to send.

Screenshot of HubSpot Email Templates

Email Templates

Marketing Automation

With HubSpot marketing automation, build simple to intricate workflows for emails, ebooks, content offers, and more. By utilizing if/then branches, delays and more, fine tune your workflows and automate your marketing—which enables you to focus on other marketing opportunities.

Screenshot of HubSpot's Workflow Tool

Workflow Tool

Lead Management

With HubSpot CRM, view useful information for a specific contact, from what pages they viewed, CTAs they clicked, emails they opened, and more. Utilize these details to send more personalized content and enroll your leads into workflows, to ultimately convert them into customers.

Screenshot of HubSpot's Contact Activity Filters

Contact Activity Filters


HubSpot's analytics tools monitor how your website, campaigns, and forms are performing. Traffic analytics identify which channels your users come from, whether through organic, direct, social media, etc. Track how your website, landing and blogs are doing with website analytics. HubSpot analytics tools provide you great insight to optimize your website and grow your business.

HubSpot Analytics Tools

Analytics Tools

Social Media

Schedule and publish posts without logging into your social media account. Monitor mentions, interactions, new followers, and more.

Screenshot of HubSpot Social Media Sharing Tool

Social Media Sharing Tool


Optimize your website pages, landing pages, and blog posts. HubSpot provides tips in real time, from the title tag to meta description and image alt tags. You'll never publish pages with any doubts about whether your page is optimized.

Plan and organize your content in HubSpot using the topic cluster tool. It suggests relevant and popular subjects, and integrates with Google Search Console to access monthly search data. You can even search for related content inside the tool.

HubSpot SEO Tool

SEO Tool


Design enticing CTAs without having to code. HubSpot provides a variety of button and link styles, along with smart versions and multi-testing, to determine the most optimal options. Utilize CTAs throughout your website, or housed on external websites, to easily track visitors' activities.

Screenshot of HubSpot CTA Builder

CTA Builder


Boost your marketing efforts by deploying paid ads. Track the progress of your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google ads in HubSpot. Integration takes no more than a few clicks, and enables you to even create ad campaigns within the platform.

Screenshot of HubSpot Ads Tool

Ads Tool

Why You Should Build Your Website on the HubSpot CMS

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Marketing Hub Pricing

There are three pricing tiers in Marketing Hub: Starter, Professional and Enterprise. Learn more about the features within each by visiting the HubSpot Pricing page.

Utilize HubSpot's free tools and CRM today! HubSpot Starter has with several extraordinary tools to help your business grow. Next-level features such as marketing automation, personalized content, blogging tools, and more are available at the Professional tier. Enterprise includes CMS membership, which enables management of up to 200 teams.

Start growing your business on the HubSpot platform, today!

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