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Published September 26, 2019

What's the difference between a landing page and a site page?

  1. A landing page is where you land and a site page is where you... site?
  2. Only top-level navigation items are classified as site pages. All others pages are landing pages.
  3. Site pages offer information about your business, while landing pages are designed specifically to drive conversions.

The Answer is C.

When creating a web page, the first question to ask is should this be a landing page or a website page?

At first, this may seem to be an unimportant distinction, as both landing pages and core website pages live in the same environment; however, they serve two separate, unique functions.

Let’s take a look at how to identify your strategic goals, which will help to determine the best type of page to suit your needs. 


Website Pages

Website pages serve as the building blocks for your website. Features include full site navigation, multiple site links, and a thorough outline of major company processes and services.

If you’re looking to inform your visitors, a website page is the right option. You may want to incorporate CTAs, call-outs, and other methods in order to keep visitors on your site in an effort to educate them as much as possible about your capabilities and offerings. 



Landing Pages

Landing pages, by contrast, serve as the main lead conversion tools for your website. Features include limited, if any, site navigation, a CTA paired with a form, and minimal, focused design elements.

If your goal is to acquire contact information and convert leads, a landing page is the best option. Sparse navigation and minimal design elements work to ensure that visitors aren't easily distracted or side-tracked from converting. 


HubSpot makes creating web pages so easy that, sometimes, the most difficult part of the process is figuring out which type of page fits your particular needs, hence the importance of establishing clear goals at the outset. 

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