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Published January 28, 2020

What is the flywheel?

  1. The flywheel served as the less customer-centric precursor to the funnel.
  2. The flywheel is the new moniker for the funnel, and is primarily focused on delighting the customer and moving on.
  3. The flywheel is the modern version of the funnel, placing customers at the center of the process rather than relegating them to the bottom.

The Answer is C.

The flywheel is the new, more customer-centric sister to the traditional funnel.


Unlike the funnel, where a customer enters at the top and exits at the bottom, the client is located at the center at the flywheel. 

"Think about it: What happens to customers in the funnel? They’re the outcome — nothing more, nothing less. All of the energy you spent acquiring that customer is wasted, leaving you at square one." - HubSpot

With the advent of the flywheel, friction is reduced by allowing customers to continuously power the process, extending the relationship following the delight phase and facilitating their role as evangelists for the next round of prospective customers.

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