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Published November 15, 2019

What is personalization?

  1. The art of creating custom content based on persona.
  2. A strategy which encourages sending emails directly to individuals, rather than relying on bulk distribution.
  3. A tool used within larger contextual marketing strategies, allowing you to focus in on specific individuals.

The Answer is C.

Personalization is a marketing strategy which allows you to take a more personal approach to engaging a target audience.

Think of it as treating your consumer base like a friend, rather than merely generic names and numbers on a screen. The more interested users are in your content, the more likely they will be to engage and interact with it. 

In order to properly personalize your marketing material, it's vital to compile data about your user base. This can include basic demographic information, respective interests, pain points, locations, and more. The more details you are able to collect, the easier it will be to personalize your approach. 

One area where personalization is especially common is email marketing, specifically, through the use of personalization tokens. This tool can incorporate information pulled directly from the clients found in your contact list—tokens—which the email platform will automatically fill in for each respective recipient. 

When building the email, it will look something like this:

Hey [First_Name],
We believe our solution is exactly what [Company] is looking for. Let us show you why.

When the message is received, the individual will see:

Hey John,
We believe our solution is exactly what Morey Creative is looking for. Let us show you why.

You can personalize it further by including details relating to their industry, or any other relevant information included in your client database. 

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