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Published November 13, 2019

What is lead nurturing?

  1. Marketing and sales tactics that are considered to be inefficient and unhelpful.
  2. Guiding a prospect through the Buyer’s Journey, beginning when they first become a contact and following through to when they become a customer—and beyond!
  3. Passing new contacts off to the sales team to convert them into customers as quickly as possible, before they lose interest.

The Answer is B.

Lead nurturing is the process of guiding a prospect through the Buyer's Journey over an extended period of time, from contact to customer—and beyond! 

Your prospects aren’t always ready to buy something as soon as they give you their information. Just like a plant, a customer relationship needs to be nurtured over time before it ripens. Pressure them to purchase too soon, and you might lose the opportunity altogether.  

Instead, lead nurturing is about understanding where a prospect is in his/her particular journey and providing value along the path to becoming a customer.

This may come in the form of sending relevant articles, reaching out with helpful information, or countless other touch points—the point is to ensure you're offering something useful, rather than simply trying to close a sales deal whether or not your prospect is ready.

The nurturing doesn't necessarily stop when they become a customer, though!

Following the flywheel concept, which puts customers at the center of a never-ending cycle of attracting, engaging and delighting, it’s vital to continue the experience beyond checkout.

Make sure your customers are happy with their purchases. By keeping them engaged with your company, they'll be much more likely to recommend your services to others! 

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