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Published August 09, 2019

What is a meta description?

  1. A snippet of text displayed in search results, describing a page's content.
  2. A term used in marketing to describe a piece of content which is self-referential.
  3. The section of code on a site page where you tell a search engine what keywords the page should rank for.

The Answer is A.

A meta description is the snippet of text which appears underneath the blue link within a search result. Think of it as a mini-ad of sorts, and craft the copy with the purpose of quickly and creatively enticing the searcher to click through to your content.

Be sure to include a relevant keyword, as Google will automatically bold any term that matches the search query, aiding searchers in choosing those results which seem to be the most qualified to answer their question.

Meta descriptions should be brief—29 words has been designated as the ideal length—and should be phrased as an answer to a specific inquiry. Due to the evolution of long-tail keywords, many individuals will pose a full question in their search query, allowing for far more comprehensive results to be returned. 

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