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Published October 16, 2019

What is a CSM?

  1. A CSM is a Company SEO Manager.
  2. A CSM is a Customer Success Manager. 
  3. A CSM is a Customer Support Manager.

The Answer is B.

A CSM, or Customer Success Manager, is a common position at SaaS companies, including HubSpot.

According to HubSpot, "A customer success manager guides customers through the sales process into the support phase. Rather than functioning as a customer support agent, CSMs form a direct relationship with customers and provide them with timely value propositions. This helps customers grow and achieve goals while simultaneously strengthening their relationship with the business."

HubSpot denotes the 6 main responsibilities of a CSM:

1. Advocate for the company.

2. Onboard new customers.

3. Follow up on renewals.

4. Encourage up-sells and cross-sells.

5. Build relationships between customers and the support team.

6. Be the voice of the customer.

While this position may have previously been referred to as an account manager, the name has since shifted to place emphasis on the success of the customer, specifically.

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