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Published August 12, 2019

What are the benefits of video content?

  1. Video content should replace blogging completely on your website. Visitors aren't interested in reading anymore, and would all rather watch something that answers their search query.
  2. Video content provides search engines with an additional method to deliver your message, offering a higher chance of conversion and increased time on the site.
  3. Video content has minimal benefits. Long-form content ranks higher in search engines, making it difficult to see any return on investment from videos.

The Answer is B.

Inbound content development isn’t merely about creating copy for your visitors to read. While the written word still forms the basis of most inbound content strategies, incorporating other forms of media can yield a number of important benefits as well. 

One such medium is video. 

Key benefits to adding video content to your inbound strategy include:

1. Increased ranking opportunities. 

Video content maximizes a page’s chances of being delivered in search results by opening up the possibility of it being listed for video searches as well.

2. Additional ways for visitors to consume your content. 

Remember, the foundation of inbound marketing is creating useful and engaging content for your visitors. Taking a blog post or web page and creating a video that reiterates, or serves as an extension of, that messaging gives them a choice as to how they'd like to absorb that content. 

This is particularly important, as video streaming is expected to make up the majority of internet activity by 2022.

3. Increased time on page. 

One of the key factors search engines take into consideration when ranking a page is the amount of time visitors spend on it. By including helpful videos, visitors are far more likely to stay and watch, rather than quickly scrolling through and leaving. 

Don't forget that the same written content rules apply to videos, though! Any messaging—no matter what form it takes—must be helpful, informative, engaging, and worth your audience's attention in order to be seen as beneficial. 

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