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Published November 12, 2019

What are buyer personas?

  1. Non-fictional representations of customers based on real data gathered from customer surveys and interviews.
  2. Semi-fictional representations of ideal customers based on real data and educated speculation.
  3. Fictional representations of ideal customers based on your assessment of who should be buying your product.

The Answer is B.

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of ideal customers based on real data and educated speculation, garnered through research of both your prospects and existing clients.

This tool allows you to focus a razor-sharp lens on your target market—helping to identify who you need to focus your marketing efforts on, and the best way in which to do so. Vital data to gather includes a user’s particular motivations, goals, and pain points, as well as basic demographic information.

Once this information is collected, you can then create detailed profiles for your fictional personas. When building these, really dive in. Don’t just identify the what and how—identify the why. The more you understand each user's unique characteristics, the more effective these personas will ultimately be.

Often, simple, catchy names are used to describe the type of individual the persona is trying to exemplify—such as Marketing Mary, Busy Betty, or Techy Terrence. Once you’ve created a handful of relevant personas, and feel you have comfortably categorized your targets, it’s time to begin using this tool to your advantage.

Rather than crafting disjointed campaigns in a haphazard attempt to target hundreds—or thousands—of different people at once, you can instead strategically build them to target those who fall within a specific persona, allowing your material to be more direct and focused on their needs and wants.

Following is a sample persona profile. As you can see, this profile outlines the fears, habits, and desires of Busy Betty, and provides a fairly comprehensive understanding of who she is.

Busy Betty Buyer Persona Example

In this example, Busy Betty's strongest pain point is her overwhelmingly busy schedule. A potential campaign that may catch the eye of someone who falls under this persona might focus on the time-saving benefits of your solution. 

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