InclusionHub Founding Partners Morey Creative Studios & Be My Eyes Host Digital Accessibility Webinar

InclusionHub, Morey Creative Studios, Be My Eyes and Accessible Pharmacy logos on a blue background.

InclusionHub Founding Partners Morey Creative Studios (MCS) and Be My Eyes will be co-hosting a free webinar about the growing need for digital accessibility on Thursday, April 22 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Titled “Supporting Your Customers With Be My Eyes,” the hour-long discussion will feature MCS President Jon Sasala and Be My Eyes VP of Community Will Butler, and encompass the importance of ensuring your company is fully accessible to all users online, how InclusionHub can help, and how businesses can leverage the Be My Eyes app to better serve customers and prospects with visual impairments. The latter has become a leading force in the movement toward digital accessibility, currently boasting a community of more than 4 million volunteers and users since its launch in 2015.

Both MCS and Be My Eyes are proud Founding Partners of InclusionHub, an online database and community of digital accessibility providers, companies, and executives interested in learning more about such services, and users eager for a more accessible and inclusive internet. It connects users with a variety of resources and tools to help them build more equitable online experiences.

Pennsylvania-based Accessible Pharmacy, which provides home delivery prescription medication to people with visual impairments and their families, is a powerful case study in the benefits of utilizing innovative tools and platforms to better serve the public.

CEO Andy Burstein will join Sasala and Butler to outline the success of the company’s Be My Eyes app implementation.

The webinar will delve into the need for businesses to truly examine their users’ experiences through the lens of impairment—and hopefully empower attendees to take action by promoting accessibility tools and resources.

“Awareness of and the desire to improve digital inclusions and accessibility seem to grow every day,” explains Sasala. “The audience and resources we manage at are built for exactly this—services ready to jump in and help companies address barriers.

“Be My Eyes is the perfect example,” he continues. “Their internal workplace solutions, in addition to customer support channels, are designed to empower people. Challenges that have existed for all of time are now surmountable with the aid of technology. It is really incredible.”

Morey Creative Studios, Be My Eyes, and Accessible Pharmacy stand united in their shared mission to take on those challenges and make the internet a more accessible and inclusive space for users with disabilities. It’s their hope this webinar sparks the beginning of a much more comprehensive discussion about digital accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplaces of all those in attendance. They hope this message will continue to resonate, far into the future.

“In this socially distant, virtual business environment, I think events like these are so important,” says Sasala. “As a businessperson, I personally look to webinars and online meet-ups as a way to keep pushing forward, learning and connecting with others. This trend is not slowing down, and I love it.

“I am really excited to host Will from Be My Eyes, along with Andy of Accessible Pharmacy,” he adds. “This will be a real-time case study, looking at how Accessible Pharmacy implemented Be My Eyes for their customers, and the impact it has had on their business. I am really looking forward to this conversation.”

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