'Inbound & Down' S01 E14: What's New on HubSpot

Ali Magno

Ali Magno
Published August 04, 2017

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On this episode of "Inbound & Down," co-hosts Jon Sasala and Danielle Esposito of Morey Creative share their excitement about some new HubSpot features.

If you're like us and work on HubSpot, the marketing platform is probably your best friend. You also likely know that HubSpot is constantly rolling out new features to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing industry. These improve user experience, analytics, and the way we produce and share content.

Here are several new features we're excited about!

  • New font scheme, color scheme, and spacing on the back end of HubSpot.
  • Option to add emojis to email subject lines and social messages.
  • Manually "unbounce" contacts.
  • Tagging other social accounts within the social sharing tool.
  • Compose Mode in the blogging tool.
  • Multiple customizable dashboards that can be emailed to yourself, coworkers, or clients.
  • "Hire a Partner" portal on HubSpot homepage to help visitors locate an agency to work with.
  • Strategy tool to create clusters. (This tool is still in beta mode, but we're super-excited about it, so we couldn't leave it out!)

"If there's anything that you want, just wait for it, and it'll be there. If there's a feature missing, they're aware of it, because other people have probably expressed the concern that they want that feature as well."

Key Takeaway From This Episode:


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