HubSpot To Talk Accessibility With Morey Creative’s Jon Sasala

Graphic that says HubSpot Community Developer Show with illustration of people chatting.

An all-new monthly video podcast series is on the horizon for the HubSpot Community, and Morey Creative Studios (MCS) President Jon Sasala is on tap to be the first guest, delving deep into accessibility.

Sasala’s guest spot will give the HubSpot Community a window into MCS’s efforts in the web accessibility space—namely with InclusionHub, a database built by the MCS team as a resource for organizations searching for ways to expand their own online accessibility. InclusionHub is powered by HubSpot tools, including CMS Hub Enterprise, HubDB, and Custom Objects, all used extensively for the project, with accessibility as the main driving force. 

Hosted by HubSpot Community Manager Dennis Edson, along with community members Jon McLaren and Tanya Scales, each podcast in the monthly series will be preceded by a HubSpot Community post where members are encouraged to drop in a question or comment on that month's featured topic. Edson and his guests will attempt to answer those questions and address the comments on the video podcast. 

Jon's episode of the HubSpot Community Developer Show is now live! You can watch the video below, and check out the show notes over on the Community Forum



“I couldn’t be more excited to help Dennis and his crew launch this initiative. The portfolio of HubSpot podcasts is really exceptional and this community-centric show should be no different,” says Sasala.

“Most importantly though, this is an opportunity to shine a light on inclusive design. This topic is so important and there is so much confusion around it. We are grateful for the platform and hopeful for whatever changes this conversation may inspire.”

Edson’s invitation to Sasala sprang from a conversation between MCS Design Director Jon Chim and community leadership. Chim, who was recently awarded the Community Champion Award for his contributions to the community, mentioned the pending launch of the platform. For Edson, it sounded like the ideal initiative to kick off this new video podcast. 

“We were really pushing the bounds of how HubDB and the new Custom Objects functionality were being used together,” Sasala says about Edson’s interest in the project. “InclusionHub is a community of resources, rankings, comparisons and feedback, all generated by users. I think the mission of InclusionHub was also very intriguing. It is one of those topics that people hear more and more about but understanding it can be a challenge.”

“HubSpot is constantly evolving and growing as an organization. This is just another example of that,” adds Sasala. “What started as an ‘Ideas’ forum has evolved into a full community of users, product feedback, support, AMAs and now a Community Podcast. I love watching aspects of the HubSpot ecosystem grow like this.”

As the series progresses, Edson expects it to evolve and transform based on community feedback. Suggestions are welcome and participation is encouraged. Send Edson a direct message or email him at Be sure to include “Developer Podcast” in the subject line.