Getting Too Many HubSpot Notifications? Here's Why and How to Shut Them Off

Jon Sasala

Jon Sasala
Published May 01, 2017


Attention Morey Publishing HubSpot Clients: Do you receive too many contact assignment notifications? Here's why and how to shut them off.

I was recently made aware of a new HubSpot feature that emails users when a contact, deal, or task has been assigned. For example, if a sales manager sees an inquiry come in and wants to assign it to one of their sales reps, they simply set the contact owner, and that rep receives an email informing them. Seems like an obvious feature, but up until recently, this notification did not exist. Sales managers would have to also send a manual email, or tag the rep in a comment inside HubSpot. Not ideal.

HubSpot Notification ManagmentAs a workaround, we at Morey Publishing built a workflow that automatically sends HubSpot users an email whenever a new contact or deal is assigned to them. This email also allows us to include all the relevant conversion information a rep would need: contact info, inquiry details, page they converted on, and a link back to the contact record in HubSpot.

Now that HubSpot has rolled out their version of the assignment notification, our clients may be receiving multiple emails related to one conversion. Annoying, right?

So, why don’t we just turn our old notification system off? Because ours is better. 

We know how quickly sales people like to move. When they are made aware of an opportunity, they want to seize upon it. Our notification includes almost everything they need to follow up, immediately. The default HubSpot notification only includes a link to view the contact record in HubSpot, nothing more.

So, why don’t we just shut HubSpot’s simple notification off? Simply because we can’t. This notification can only be controlled by individual users, and by default, it has been turned on.

You can, however. So before you start marking all your internal company emails as spam, let’s get these shut off. The above video walks you through how to do so and get your inbox back under control. 

But Maybe HubSpot Is Onto Something..

I mentioned above that our notification has almost everything a rep needs to follow up. Almost. The key difference between HubSpot's notification and ours is that the former forces reps to log into HubSpot. By logging into the CRM, sales reps can get familiar with leads' histories. What pages have they visited? What content have they already downloaded? Are there any notes about previous interactions with this lead? You can only see all this information by logging into the CRM and viewing its contact record. Maybe then, this notification is simply yet another brilliant HubSpot feature.

In addition to accessing a lead's history, once logged in, users can update contact info, document their interactions, schedule follow-ups, or advance a deal further along the pipeline. We want to enable our clients to move quickly, but there is much more to a sales relationship than speed.

The more comfortable a rep gets with the CRM, the more they can leverage it. 

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