4 Rules for Social Media Marketing

Danielle Esposito

Danielle Esposito
Published September 10, 2019

social media marketing collage

Let's face it: you just can't deny the power of social media anymore.

Weaving social into your business plan is crucial for a variety of reasons, among these:

  • Today, both customers and recruiters tend to search for businesses directly on social media platforms.
  • It's useful for listening to your customer pain points and addressing them by answering questions and providing helpful insights.
  • It's a wonderful networking tool enabling you to interact with other thought leaders you may never have otherwise.

There are several best practices to adhere to when it comes to how and when you create such posts.

Among these:


Social media is all about being social, which means you aren't just posting things and moving along. Engage with your followers. Like and respond to their comments, listen to what they have to say, and just be present, on whichever platform you're using.


A major benefit of social media is the ability for your business to really hear what your customers have to say. This can only happen if you're truly listening, however. Read their comments, even the negative ones, and let those help guide your efforts, or at the very least, make you more aware of how you're being perceived. Understanding how customers view your company is crucial to ensuring you're moving, and posting, in the right direction.


Another amazing aspect of social media is its ability to connect you with other businesses, thought leaders and industry people you may never have stumbled across otherwise. Share ideas, and each other's content, and help build mutually beneficial relationships.

Be Consistent

Social media is a long game. This means you have to commit to posting on a regular schedule. When you do gain followers, they're expecting to see your content. This will help you stay both relevant and authoritative.

No matter your business, social media can help you create a voice and have an outlet for your customers to share their feedback. Be sure to stick to these four rules, and you'll be well on your way to creating a social presence that's both social and helpful—for your business at large—and your customers.

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