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4 Great Long Island Advertising Agency Campaigns...We Didn't Do.

Jaime Franchi

Jaime Franchi
Published April 10, 2015

The Long Island advertising agency space is one crowded area. Being situated adjacent to the greatest city in the world, with access points to all of the benefits that come along with Manhattan without actually having to be Manhattan goes quite a long way. Couple that with myriad research institutions and acclaimed colleges and universities of our own, and you've got a recipe for a highly-successful brainpool of writers and designers. 

At Morey Publishing, we know we're not the only game in town. We are so confident in our abilities as a full-service marketing agency that we can afford to show some love to our neighbors. As we should. We learn from them, are inspired by them, and a little healthy competition just might have spurred some our own growth.

Here are some of the innovative campaigns that have come out of Long Island agencies that have caught our eye.


Morey-Blog_OtherCampaignsTrepoint: Pick It! Pack It! Go!

From Trepoint, a strategic digital agency out of Great Neck with roots in promotional advertising, comes the Tree Top Applesauce “Pick It! Pack It! Go!” gamification site. Designed and developed to introduce this product as a healthy alternative to fast-food for an on-the-go-lifestyle to a regional market of 14 states, the site pulled in a 26.3% conversation rate to sweeps registration, and entrants returned to play an average of 7.2 times each. 74% of all registrants were female. 72% of registrants were in the 25-54 year-old target demographic. How do you like them apples...auce.


Don Jagoda Associates: Fuel the Cause

Don Jagoda Associates, Inc., a Melville marketing services and sales promotion agency that has been around since 1962, launched an impressive campaign for Bridgestone Tire. A contest entitled "Fuel the Cause" brilliantly tied together the brand with a cause, bringing not only eyes to their client from their target demographic, but active participation. Contestants were asked to support "game-changing performance" for their communities by voting for their favorite community improvement project. The winner will recieve a $25,000 grand prize to help make the project idea a reality. Great for the community. Incredible exposure for the brand. Well played, DJA.


Morey-Blog_OtherCampaigns2EGC: AHRC Workforce Createathon

EGC Marketing Group in Melville created a heartfelt and inspiring campaign for AHRC Workforce as part of their “Createathon” - a creative nationwide marathon that donates a marketing project, design elements and media placement to local non-profits. As part of the donated campign effort, they followed AHRC brand ambassador Marty Ingber, an employee at the Greenfield Shop Rite in Plainview, throughout his entire workday in a video produced by Platinum Platypus to show viewers the challenges those in the program face. Emotional, inspirational, and just simply human, this campaign showcases the best of what marketing is all about: spreading awareness - and leaving us all a little better for it.


o2kl: Skeptics

Honorable Mention: the "Skeptics" campaign launched by o2kl for CareConnect NSLIJ. Even though o2kl is a Manhattan agency, we love this campaign so much we just needed to include it here. The message the campaign needed to convey goes against everything we've come to understand about insurance companies: that they are responsive, and human. “A health insurance company I can call and get live help? Yeah, like porcupines make good pets,” says a skeptic in their television spot. Cut to a Frisbee-catching porcupine frolicing in the background. By focusing the campaign around the elephant (err...porcupine) in the room, this campaign tackles the toughest objection right out of the gate with a two-fold punch of humor and cuteness. The campaign ran across television, print, and radio platforms. 


Nice work, Long Island.  

Oh. And game on.


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