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Rebecca Albright

Rebecca recently joined the Morey Creative Studios as a Senior Inbound Content Developer, capping seven years in the space (in both freelance and corporate settings) developing effective content for brands in financial services, healthcare, tech, and travel, among others.
She started her career (ages ago) doing 100-hour weeks as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch before doing a few years on the buy side and getting an MBA and CFA somewhere along the way. After giving up the finance thing and enjoying a 10-year adventure in the UK with her family, Rebecca transitioned to content development.
When she’s not crafting customized content (or alliterating, just because she can), Rebecca enjoys running, skiing, and live music. If you ask her, she’ll talk way too long about seeing Led Zeppelin live in London in 2007.

  • Yeah, no. Nickname
  • Liverpool F.C. Favorite Team
  • Buy time Desired Superpower
  • Yayoi Kusama and maybe Prince Favorite Artist
  • Lindsey Vonn Celebrity Alter-Ego

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