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Philip Stott

Phil Stott joined the Morey team in October 2019.

Originally from Scotland—no, he’s never losing the accent—Phil spent a couple of years after college teaching English language in Eastern Europe and Asia, before landing in New York in 2006.

For the next dozen years, Phil gained experience as a writer, editor, web producer and marketing content strategist. Along the way, he picked up a Masters in Marketing Management from Boston University. He also adopted the Mets, continuing a proud tradition—carried over from a lifetime of soccer fandom—of rooting for teams that never win anything.

Phil lives in Glen Cove, Long Island, with the three loves of his life: his wife, Meghan, and his two daughters, Maeve and Isla.

  • Stotty/ie Nickname
  • Aberdeen F.C. Favorite Team
  • Teleportation Desired Superpower
  • Sturgill Simpson Favorite Artist
  • Ricky Gervais Celebrity Alter-Ego

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