'Inbound & Down' S04 E12: Mindfulness, With Special Guest Jordan Benjamin

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published March 07, 2019


On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' co-hosts Jon Sasala and Danielle Esposito are joined by HubSpot Channel Account Manager Jordan Benjamin, to discuss his passion for mindfulness and how it can be integrated into everyday life.

HubSpot's Jordan Benjamin and Morey Creative Studios have had a relationship for many years now. When we found out he'd be in town, it only made sense to have him deliver his mindfulness speech to the team. We were totally floored by his presentation, and knew it would make for a great podcast conversation as well.

Jordan developed his mantra of mindfulness during a time in his life where he felt like he was hitting a wall, and wanted to learn to leverage his mind to help him bounce back when times were tough. This set him on a path of research—books, TED Talks, podcasts, conferences, you name it. His research naturally sparked a passion, and he's now given many talks about mindfulness in business, and implemented practices with his peers at HubSpot (and now, us).

Mindfulness is very important here at MCS. We want all team members to be balanced—happy, healthy, and well-rounded. Those aren't just words either, they're part of our culture, and in turn, our Culture Code.

Morey Value Number 5: We Are Balanced

But how can we achieve balance? Through Jordan's presentation, we learned a few key tips to practicing mindfulness that will help us live balanced lives.

So, what are these key tips to  mindfulness?

Understand yourself.

Know yourself, control yourself, understand/know others, and do something for others. This really starts with the self, and self-understanding. What gets you fired up? What pisses you off? What makes you happy?


There are plenty of different ways to meditate, from apps (Headspace, Insight Timer, Calm, 10% Happier) and YouTube videos to podcasts and yoga. In its most simplistic form, meditation works through bringing awareness to a natural process we almost always take for granted: breathing.

The rising popularity of meditation and its natural stress-relieving properties make it a perfect supplement to a daily work routine, and companies aren't ignoring this. Whether it be Adobe offering its employees a subscription to Headspace, or Aetna's mindfulness center, these in-office perks are becoming rapidly more commonplace.

Don't be discouraged if your office isn't participating, because you can always be the one to speak up and break ground on such a project.

Mindfulnes Slack Channel

Here at Morey Creative we've deployed a mindfulness Slack channel.

Practice an "attitude of gratitude."

As humans, our brains lean toward what's called a negativity bias; this means that we react more strongly to things perceived as negative. Something great may happen, followed by something slightly irritating, and instead of celebrating the greatness, we'll complain about the bad. The more you practice being grateful, the more naturally it will come to you.

Have a growth mindset.

Stanford University Professor of Psychology Carol Dweck and her peers coined the terms fixed and growth mindset. After studying children and the way they assessed challenges, they noticed some would be excited for a challenge (growth mindset) and others would treat it like a tragedy (fixed mindset). If you actively try to flex your mind and employ a growth mindset, it will improve. Instead of focusing on so-called "failures," ask yourself what you did well, but also, what can be improved upon.

As Jordan says: "It's not win or lose, it's win or learn."

Learn more about the above mindfulness practices, and more, in this week's episode. Tune in, and be mindful.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:
  • There are ways to implement mindfulness tactics on a large or small scale in your personal and professional life, whether through meditation, or reminding yourself what you're grateful for when you're feeling angry or stressed.


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Questions about adding a mindfulness routine to your office? Comment below, or email us at inbound@moreycreative.com

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