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Yelena Mirsakova

Yelena is a designer at Morey Creative Studios. From the moment she discovered Photoshop on her high school’s computers, she was hooked! She’s been designing ever since and falling more in love with it every single day. Yelena joined the team in November 2018. You’ll recognize her by her teal hair or the cat ears on her car when she pulls into work in the morning. Just like her designs, she likes to stand out!

When not crafting beautiful collateral and websites for her clients, she’s likely trying to show you the latest picture of her cat, Velvet (of which there are plenty) or running off to her numerous dance practices. A ballroom dancer of almost 15 years, she’s always ready to hit the dance floor. Her dream is to perform a dance number with JLR at the Morey Creative Talent Show. Hopefully one day, we will actually have a Morey Creative Talent Show.

Pronouns: (she/her)

  • Y, Yel Nickname
  • Wildcats Favorite Team
  • Hufflepuff Hogwarts House
  • Shapeshifting Desired Superpower
  • System of a Down Favorite Artist
  • Rachel Bloom Celebrity Alter-Ego

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