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Sydney Bucholtz

Sydney joined the Morey team in January 2022.

Aside from loving the culture, community, and line of work right off the back, she was hooked when she saw that a dog, Tandia, would also be a member of the team. You could say that she paw-sitively wanted in on that.

A Buffalo, NY native, Sydney's professional career has roots in journalism and teaching. As a Digital Media instructor with Villa Maria College, she has experience creating and teaching classes like digital storytelling, journalism, public relations, english, and digital marketing strategy. Over the last several years, she has also written for a variety of journalistic publications including Buffalo News Gusto, The Sun, Karibu News, and The Griffin.

When she's not writing, learning about ecopsychology, or building websites, Sydney loves hiking, art, coffee (as a pasttime), reading, traveling, and just generally, exploring the planet.

Pronouns: (she/her)

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  • Buffalo Bills Favorite Team
  • Healing Desired Superpower
  • Glass Animals Favorite Artist
  • Kristen Bell Celebrity Alter-Ego

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