Ruth Bashinsky

Senior Inbound Content Developer

Ruth Bashinsky is a senior inbound content developer at Morey Creative Studios. A news junkie, Ruth is putting her years of journalism experience—working for a tabloid, a few dailies, and several magazines—to the test as she embarks on her next venture at MCS.

When Ruth isn’t trying to find the humor in a situation, she enjoys spending time lecturing her three teenagers and proving to them that she was just as cool when she was their age. And she has been known to occasionally break out some of her favorite disco moves.

Ruth also enjoys working on her gains at the gym, drinking wine (she favors cabs), chipping away at personal writing projects she has yet to complete, and baking for her family, who insist her desserts are delicious—though she knows they’re lying.

Nevertheless, she is always in reporter mode, eager and ready to ask the tough questions.

During her career, Ruth has covered everything from news, real estate and business to pets, lifestyle, fashion, and celebrities. At the New York Daily News, she had a reputation for getting the scoop no matter the odds. In one particularly ambitious attempt at a story, Ruth covertly made her way into the maternity ward of a hospital to try and witness a famous comedian’s wife give birth—and was promptly escorted out. She famously crashed the wedding of a Hollywood legend and acted (almost) like the life of the party, dancing, drinking and taking photos with a famous musical artist. Ruth even got to meet the bride, who shook her hand, tilted her head slightly, and with a perplexed look, asked, “Do I know you?”

  • Ruthie Nickname
  • Team Fluff (Puppy Bowl) Favorite Team
  • On paper: Gryffindor
    In person: Hufflepuff Hogwarts House
  • Granting wishes Desired Superpower
  • Amy Winehouse, Queen, Lindsey Stirling, Ella Fitzgerald Favorite Artist
  • Tina Fey, Andy Cohen Celebrity Alter-Ego

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