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Interestingly, Regina’s journey toward Morey Creative Studios, began in the late 80s, around the same time the company’s roots were first planted. It was during that time, she and her cousin, Kate, would spend hours listening to WLIR/92.7 on a “boom box” radio at Kate’s house in Babylon. Little did she know, she’d be part of the Morey family more than 30 years later as a Senior Strategist.

Regina began her professional career on a traditional journalism path first as Editorial Assistant for a NYC-based trade magazine. From there, she moved on to serve as Editor in Chief of various magazines within the maritime and IT industries. Despite having spent a fair amount of time within these specific industries, she still can’t captain a cruise ship, and don’t ask her to fix your laptop either!

Regina moved back to Long Island in 2017 (from New Jersey) with her husband, Mike, and their two boys, Henry (age 9), and Charlie (age 6). She enjoys spending time exploring all the area has to offer (especially the East End), while trying to convince Mike that Long Island is far more interesting and exciting than his beloved Jersey!

Pronouns: (she/her)

  • Reg, Reggie Nickname
  • Mets Favorite Team
  • Getting my kids to listen! Desired Superpower
  • Anything from the 80s will do. Favorite Artist
  • Emma Stone Celebrity Alter-Ego

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