Inbound Barketing Coordinator

We don’t know much about Nala’s history before her mom, DT, found her - but we do know she lived in Jamaica, Queens and gave birth to a litter or two of (probably super adorable) pitbull puppies. She was found in July 2013 and has lived a life of snuggles and treats ever since.

When Nala isn’t sleeping on the orange couch or begging for food with her best sad eyes, you can find her happily darting into the office, playing with her toys or sleeping on the other reddish couch.

  • Nali, Nals Nickname
  • Team Mom Favorite Team
  • Slytherin Hogwarts House
  • Eating all the food without throwing up Desired Superpower
  • Hates art Favorite Artist
  • Nala, Simba's Wife Celebrity Alter-Ego

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