Michael McEnaney

Senior Strategist

Michael McEnaney has spent the last several (thousand) years as a content creator, editor, publisher and marketer in multiple sectors including photography, retail and event programming. As a Content Strategist at Morey Creative Studios, he spends his time blogging, writing web copy and feeding snacks (sometimes not very healthy ones) to the two company canines, Nala and Tandia.

Outside of the orange colored walls of Morey, he spends his time with his wife of several (thousand) years, Kim, and his two children Jamie (18) and Jake (14). His best creative work to date has been turning two very ill-prepared children out into the world.

Mike holds a BA in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology, with a minor in Journalism. And perhaps most importantly, he only needs 147 more journalism awards to catch colleague Christopher Twarowski…but, he admits, time is running out.

  • Mac Daddy Nickname
  • Islanders Favorite Team
  • ?????? Hogwarts House
  • Time Travel (want to go back to see where I went wrong) Desired Superpower
  • Steely Dan Favorite Artist
  • Robert Plant Celebrity Alter-Ego

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