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Lisa Dunn

Lisa Dunn joined Morey as a Strategist in January 2020 after five years of working as a journalist and travel writer. She has written about everything from craft beer to wildlife conservation, from the beauty of the Philly cheesesteak to how technology is changing the way we travel.

When not writing and researching, you can find Lisa out in the woods doing her best Grandma Gatewood impression, hanging out with her dangerously handsome dog Reuben (yes, like the sandwich), or spending way too much money on books.

Pronouns: (she/her)

  • TBD Nickname
  • Phillies? I dunno, I am sports-neutral Favorite Team
  • Gryffinclaw Hogwarts House
  • Speaking every language in the world Desired Superpower
  • Phoebe Bridgers and Dolly Parton Favorite Artist
  • Janet Snakehole or Tom Hanks, depending on the day Celebrity Alter-Ego

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