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Kevin Campbell

Kevin is the Chief HubSpot Platform Specialist at Morey Creative. He joined the team in 2022 after 6+ years as a Senior Technical Support Engineer at HubSpot. He brings to the team a personal brand of resiliency, natural curiosity, and unwavering charisma. Whether working through a technical issue, or providing project feedback to a colleague, he seeks to enrich the experiences of those around him and help others achieve their personal or professional goals.

When not at work, Kevin is tinkering with anything/everything music. Guitars, amps, tape recorders, you name it and he has fixed one! He is a self proclaimed “analog man” and specializes in reel to reel tape machines.

Kevin currently resides in Rochester New Hampshire, where he and his wife, Nicole, are restoring their 1962 mid-century-modern home.

Pronouns: (he/him)

  • Kevbot Nickname
  • The 1998 Chicago Bulls Favorite Team
  • “Waiter hands” aka the ability to hold really, really hot plates. Desired Superpower
  • McBess Favorite Artist
  • Danny Tanner Celebrity Alter-Ego