Jon Chim

Senior Web Designer

Jon Chim is a senior web designer at Morey Creative Studios. He's a creative at heart but when he's not pushing pixels you can find him pushing iron at the gym. His desire for super strength will allow him to skip leg day forever. You may find him devouring Shake Shack, Popeyes or Chipotle but he enjoys cooking just as much with his fiancé.

He's watched at least 40 movies in 2019 with his favorite being Avengers Endgame, but soon will be Star Wars: Episode 9. His favorite colors are black and yellow— which might be why his go-to team are the penguins—but maybe penguins are just his favorite animal? Or maybe because of Star Wars? Hmm..

  • JC, Chimmy Nickname
  • Penguins Favorite Team
  • Gryffindor Hogwarts House
  • Super Strength Desired Superpower
  • Queen Favorite Artist
  • Bruce Lee Celebrity Alter-Ego