Danielle Esposito

Senior Strategist

Danielle Esposito is a Senior Strategist at Morey Creative Studios and proud mom to Nala, the resident Inbound Barketing Coordinator. When she's not forming strategy-based content plans or snuggling Nala, you can find DT doing a variety of weird activities, including rucking around with a weighted pack, spending way too many hours training for her next multi-day endurance event or talking to herself in the Dunkin' drivethru. She didn't choose the crazy life - the crazy life chose her.

DT graduated from CUNY Queens College with a B.A. in Consumer Sciences and even had the opportunity to study Fashion Marketing in Florence, Italy. But all of that is not nearly as cool as when Brian Halligan sent her blog "How MySpace Led Me to HubSpot" to the entire HubSpot Universe mere months after she first entered the industry. #notworthy

DT lives in Bayside, Queens with Nala and really annoyingly loves her borough.

  • Dee, D-Train, DT Nickname
  • Team Donuts Favorite Team
  • Slytherin Hogwarts House
  • Power Mimicry Desired Superpower
  • Bruce Springsteen Favorite Artist
  • Wendy’s Twitter Celebrity Alter-Ego

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