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Daine Taylor joined Morey Creative as an Inbound Content Developer in January 2021, after working for 5 years as a journalist and travel editor. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism in 2015 and joined the Long Island Herald Newspaper in 2016, where he covered a variety of topics centered around the local community.

He joined Travel Market Report, an online travel industry publication, in 2019, where he learned to further hone his reporting and editing skills to cater to specific audiences. He’s written stories ranging from destination offerings, and airline travel news, to industry profiles and actionable business strategies for travel advisors. 

When not working, Daine can usually be found longboarding around Long Island and New York City looking to get into random adventures. He loves nature, traveling, photography, free stuff, TV, anime and all good music.  

Pronouns: He/Him

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