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Published December 12, 2019

What is UX?

  1. User Exams, a type of design focused on surveying users as a means of engaging them with your website.
  2. User Experience, a customer service model intended to identify a user's degree of satisfaction with his/her consumer experience.
  3. User Experience, a type of design which focuses on the creation of easy, efficient, relevant, and engaging experiences for users.

The Answer is C.

UX stands for User Experience, and informs the practice of designing with the user's needs, desires, and interests in mind. 

This is an incredibly broad concept which continues to evolve as it becomes more common in practice. There are numerous elements involved, including:

  • Interactive Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Usability
  • Human-Computer Interaction

UX design requires the creation of materials, solutions, and products that are helpful, easy-to-use, and which promote engagement. The most important component is always the value you are providing to the consumer.

Oftentimes, websites or products are built first, with the hope that users will ultimately want to engage with them. This method reduces user consideration to a relatively low priority, and can be incredibly detrimental to a business.

The primary questions should always be:
What problem is the user having?
How can we solve it?

In UX, everything else is secondary.

The journey of UX design is both multifaceted and potentially lengthy—but an incredibly worthwhile one.

The first step is to develop a deep understanding of your users. This requires significant research in an effort to dive into the minds of your prospects. What are their goals, desires, interests, and pain points?

Once you have established an overall understanding of these users, you can begin to identify issues they may be having and determine how your product or solution may be able to solve them.

When your organization is ready to move to the design portion of the process, it’s important to continue to consider how the user experience will translate into each element of your design, no matter how small—from the color palette, to the icons you select, to the way in which the navigation bar is set up. 

UX is a crucial design concept intended to ensure that your digital presence and solutions are created in such a way as to draw users in and keep them involved. Incorporating these principles into a website's design can make a significant difference in both user engagement and conversion rates.

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