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Published December 17, 2019

What is typography?

  1. The art of using images in place of words.
  2. The visual presentation of the written word.
  3. The choice of font selected for a given piece of content.

The Answer is B.

You might think typography only concerns what font you pick, but “font” is just one piece of the puzzle.

Typography is the art of arranging text, and entails everything including layout, typeface, spacing between words, letters and lines, color, and size.

Typography matters—not just to designers, who will gladly talk at length about each of these components, but to any marketing professional. Web design is 95% typography.


Which of these two web pages would you find easier to read?

Comparison of a webpage where only the font is changed

Well-designed type makes a huge difference in communicating literal information, allowing readers to focus and more easily understand the content presented.

The use of consistent and clear headings, subheadings, and paragraph copy can help visitors intuitively navigate your site as well, especially those users with disabilities

But typographic choices can convey non-literal information too, such as communicating your brand’s personality, establishing your company as a professional or credible source, or even creating a mood for your user.

Studies have shown that differences in type can affect readers' perception of the content, as well as their likelihood to convert by as much as 2%. 

There’s far too much to be said about typography than can ever be covered in one mini-blog. Be sure to check out these awesome resources to learn more:

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