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Published December 09, 2019

What is the rate of decay for an email database?

  1. The process of contact information in your database becoming unusable over time. 
  2. When contacts are lost as a result of technical malfunctions. 
  3. When a contact automatically expires if not reached out to within a certain period of time.

The Answer is A.

While it might be a bit discouraging to watch contacts bounce or unsubscribe from email communications, contact decay is a natural component of managing a database. 

This process often occurs when individuals change their contact information from what you currently have in your database. This might be because they transitioned to a new job, or perhaps deactivated an old email address. It can also occur when contacts opt out of receiving communications from your company.

These—and other common reasons—considered, the average rate of decay for a database is 22.5%.

Remember, though, with a strong inbound strategy and great conversation opportunities, your business should have no problem generating an even greater number of new contacts over that same period!

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