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Published September 17, 2019

What is the consideration stage of the buyer's journey?

  1. The buyer is in the process of narrowing down various companies in order to make an informed purchase.
  2. The buyer is aware of his or her problem and is beginning to research potential solutions.
  3. The buyer realizes he or she has an issue to solve and needs to educate him or herself further.

The Answer is B.

The consideration stage is the second step of the buyer's journey.

At this point, the buyer is well aware of the problem, but still needs to figure out the best way to resolve the issue at hand. 

Once buyers enter into this crucial research phase of searching for a solution, it's imperative to provide them with informative, engaging content which can shed some light on the different avenues available to reach a resolution—focusing on which choice is ideal for their particular situation.

At this stage, buyers are commonly searching for content such as:

  • FAQs
  • Product Webinars
  • Case Studies

The consideration stage naturally leads into the next stage of the buyer's journey: the decision stage.

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