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Published October 14, 2019

What is the buyer's journey?

  1. The immediate actions a buyer takes after he/she has made a purchase, consisting of two stages: Use > Review.
  2. The user experience a buyer goes through when purchasing a product, consisting of four stages: Search > Purchase > Use > Review.
  3. The research and decision process a buyer experiences leading up to his/her purchase, consisting of three stages: Awareness > Consideration > Decision.

The Answer is C.

The buyer's journey, sometimes referred to as the customer journey, is the research and decision process a person goes through, ultimately leading to his/her purchase of a service or product.

It consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision, each of which encompasses the feelings experienced and actions taken along the journey to making a purchase decision.

Let's take a closer look at the three stages:


The awareness stage is when a person realizes he/she has a problem or opportunity that he/she needs to learn more about. During this phase, the person typically conducts educational research in order to properly identify the particular issue in question. 

Content explored during the awareness stage:

  • Blog posts
  • How-to videos
  • Social media posts

The consideration stage is when this person now understands exactly what his/her problem is and begins to look into potential solutions. During this phase, research is focused on honing in on the appropriate remedy for the unique circumstances presented.

Content sought during the consideration stage:

  • FAQs
  • Product webinars
  • Case studies

The decision stage is when the buyer is aware of exactly what his/her problem is and precisely how it should be resolved. All that's left is to sift through the various options and narrow them down to which company will provide the solution.

Content consumed during the decision stage:

  • Live demos
  • Reviews
  • Consultations

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