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Published September 16, 2019

What is the awareness stage of the buyer's journey?

  1. The buyer is in the process of narrowing down various companies in order to make an informed purchase.
  2. The buyer is aware of his or her problem and is researching the different solutions available.
  3. The buyer realizes there is an issue to be solved and takes steps to educate him or herself further.

The Answer is C.

The awareness stage is the first stage of the buyer's journey.

During this phase, a person begins to realize there is a problem he or she needs to solve or an opportunity he or she wants to pursue.

Once aware of the issue at hand, buyers typically start to conduct educational research in order to better understand the problem and determine if its resolution is something they wish to make a priority.

At this stage, buyers are absorbing content like:

  • Blog Posts
  • How-To Videos
  • Social Media Posts

The awareness stage naturally leads into the next two phases of the buyer's journey: the consideration and decision stages.

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