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Published February 19, 2020

What is smart content?

  1. Content designed exclusively for smartphones.
  2. Also known as dynamic content, smart content changes based on the user.
  3. Content that's meant to inform users beyond a 101 level. 

The Answer is B.

Simply put, smart content—also known as dynamic content—changes depending upon the user.

These changes can reflect a website visitor's past behavior, interests, or custom preferences such as language or location. 

You can also segment pages to deliver different information for leads versus customers, allowing for the customization of content depending on where a particular person is on the buyer’s journey.  

Let’s use a shoe company as an example. Someone on Long Island visiting the site might see a message like, “Come visit our Long Island location,” whereas someone in Philadelphia would likely see the same message annotating a southeastern Pennsylvania location.  

Suppose you've already purchased shoes from the online store; in that case, you’d probably see suggestions for supplemental products—laces, inserts, polish, etc. 

Smart content provides a better user experience precisely because it is personalized, as visitors are saved the inconvenience of having to spend time seeking out relevant information—it's already front and center. 

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