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Published February 13, 2020

What is SEO?

  1. Search engine optimization, a strategy implemented to increase both the amount and quality of traffic to your website through search engines.
  2. Search engine organization, a practice in which pages are sorted based on those you wish to rank in search results.
  3. Site edit order, an ordering of impending changes to your website based on priority.

The Answer is A.

The origins of SEO, search engine optimization, speak to the ongoing nature of the strategy.

The term itself was introduced in the late 1990s, thanks to a complaint from Jefferson Starship (yes, that Jefferson Starship), even before Google hit the internet. 

Now, SEO is all-but synonymous with Google, as each algorithm change affects where your work shows up. What was true of SEO years ago—or even months ago—is not necessarily true of SEO today. 

The practice of SEO, however, remains unchanged since 1997: 

  1. Your website contains useful information, but it’s not showing up anywhere near the top of related search results.
  2. You edit your website in an attempt to climb in the rankings. 
  3. You analyze the results, while also making sure you’re obtaining the right traffic.

As content producers, consider SEO the first and last step of your creative process. It should heavily influence your research, and should also serve as the last checkpoint before publishing your work. 

Is the targeted keyword in the URL, title, and meta description? Does your meta description answer, succinctly, a common query on the subject? Is the piece well-written as a whole? 

Finally, SEO should be something you return to often—that way you can edit pages that aren’t ranking well or further optimize ones that are. It’s an ongoing process that is key to your company’s growth. 

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