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Published October 02, 2019

What is reporting?

  1. An email sent following a phone call with a client designed to report on what occurred during the call for documentation.
  2. A part of the client management process where an agency attempts to pitch a business profile to a selection of publications.
  3. A written or spoken description intended to inform clients what is happening by transforming raw data into a readable format.

The Answer is C.

Reporting is an integral part of the client management process, where raw data is transformed into a more easily interpretable format, to be conveyed to the client through a variety of means.

At its most basic level, this can take the form of an automated, monthly email which delivers top level analytics—including figures such as website visitors, contacts, customers—in a static report, typically via PDF. 

A more dynamic version of reporting may involve the use of custom dashboards, where different modules may be incorporated in order to provide specific statistics across a wider spectrum. This is generally sent via a link which directs back to the sales or marketing dashboards.

At the highest level, reporting will take place through recurring meetings, conducted either in person or via phone, and often include a screen share in order to offer real-time explanations to correspond with the analytics being presented. 

There is no one set blueprint to follow when it comes to reporting; the process is entirely dependent upon the particular clients in question, their respective expectations and desire for ongoing insight.

Generally speaking, most analytics tend to benefit from the added perspective of time, making biweekly or monthly reporting ideal in properly assessing the raw data accumulated. 

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