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Published January 13, 2020

What is QWERTY?

  1. The order of the first six keys found on a keyboard.
  2. A keyboard layout such as Dvorak.
  3. The very first patented robotic keyboard.

The Answer is A.

QWERTY is the arrangement of the first six keys on a standard keyboard.

Initially used on typewriters in the late 1800s, QWERTY was developed to slow typists down and prevent them from jamming the keys due to the way the letters were arranged.

Today, QWERTY serves as the defacto layout for most computer keyboards, laptops, and even phones. 

Alternative keyboard layouts include Dvorak and Colemak. Unlike QWERTY, however, these designs were intended to increase efficiency and WPM.

Arrangement of QWERTY, Dvorak & Colemak
Keyboard Layouts


QWERTY Keyboard Layout


Dvorak Keyboard Layout


Colemak Keyboard Layout

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