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Published January 06, 2020

What is kerning?

  1. The space between characters.
  2. The space between words.
  3. The space between paragraphs.

The Answer is A.

Kerning is the space between characters.

There are instances when it's beneficial to apply kerning to adjust the space between two characters to eliminate what may appear as an awkward default spacing, courtesy of a particular typeface. 

Certain letters may need to be adjusted manually—including those that are slanted, and/or letters with "arms" or crosses such as A, F, K, L, T, V, W, and Y.

Kerning is especially important when it comes to the large typographic text used in most logos and headlines. As font size increases, the spacing between letters becomes far more noticeable. The type of font used—serif or sans-serif—will also factor into determining the proper kerning.  

Note: It's important not to adjust the kerning too much, as characters may wind up too wide, or too narrow. The goal is to establish an ideal balance between each individual character.

Here are a few examples of kerning on text:


Kerning that is off.


Kerning that is too wide.


Kerning that is too narrow.


Perfect Kerning.


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