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Published September 11, 2019

What is HubL?

  1. A python-based server-side language used to create templates in HubSpot.
  2. A depreciated language that was used in the early days of coding, but is the foundation of most modern languages.
  3. A common nickname for the Hubble Telescope.

The Answer is A.

HubSpot Markup Language, aka HubL, is the primary syntax used throughout the HubSpot CMS.

HubL is a HubSpot-specific programming language based on a Python templating engine known as Jinja. If you’ve read this far, congratulations on weathering the “tech jargon” storm. It's a bit simpler from here on out!

HubL’s principal purpose is to provide non-coders and coders alike with an easy method to reference, display, and utilize site data to be incorporated within templates, custom modules, blog listings, etc. 

The beauty of HubL is that it can be basic or advanced, depending upon the technical skillset of the individual utilizing it.  


At its most elementary level, HubL can be used to display basic information, such as:

  • Blog Author
  • Blog Title
  • Contact Information (first name, last name, company)

It can also be utilized to set cascading style sheets (CSS) values to variables, such as:

  • Color
  • Width
  • Font Family



As you become more comfortable with HubL syntax, you will learn that the possibilities are endless when it comes to its capabilities. Much like JavaScript, HubL can be used to:

  • Calculate values using HubL variables
  • Create “if” statements to show different information or elements
  • Create “for” loops to repeat functions and sort through custom arrays
  • Create arrays of information to display on site pages


Custom Modules

One of the HubSpot design manager’s biggest strengths is its ability to create custom modules using HubL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. By utilizing HubL in these modules, developers can create text fields, checkboxes, and plenty of other options, giving non-developers an easy way to implement or change module style and content in the visual editor (blog, web page, etc). This approach to development helps to improve the efficiency of both the developer and the content editor/strategist. 

Bottom Line

Whether you're new to HubSpot or have been using it for years, HubL is a vital element to incorporate into your development approach. With it, your coding capabilities will be greatly expanded; without it, you'll be placing unnecessary limits on your web pages, blogs, and overall creativity.

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