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Published December 02, 2019

What is social media engagement?

  1. The process of tracking, analyzing, and responding to conversations across the internet.
  2. Social media statistics such as follower count, impressions, and mentions.
  3. Interaction metrics, including likes, favorites, comments, shares, and retweets.

The Answer is C.

Engagement refers to user interaction with social media posts, including likes, favorites, shares, and comments.

Social media engagement is a crucial aspect of building an organization's online brand. The higher the level of interaction with your posts, the greater opportunities you will have to expand your influence and, potentially, increase conversion opportunities. 

There are several best practices which can be used to increase engagement.

Post Often 
The more frequently you post, the more your content will appear on others' feeds, increasing the odds of user engagement.

Use Images
Followers are more likely to interact with those posts which catch their eye, or are aesthetically pleasing.

Post Quality Content
Visuals are important, but you also want to make sure your content is equally engaging, and offers valuable information to those whose attention you're attempting to attract. 

Encourage Users to Share
Whether it's a contest or a humorous meme, the more shares a post receives, the better the chances people will have to see—and engage—with the post themselves. 

Ask Questions 
One way to nudge users to engage is to ask them to do so directly. By posing engaging questions, you are actively encouraging them to comment with a reply.

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